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Experience the effortless freshness with SURABHI™ Car Air Freshener. Simply hang our aesthetically designed fragrant card in your car, and witness the immediate transformation of your environment. Our cards are thoughtfully crafted to enhance your driving experience, making it easier than ever to enjoy a revitalizing atmosphere on the go. With a wide range of fragrance options available, you can select the perfect scent that resonates with your personal preferences.

At SURABHI™, we meticulously select the finest fragrances to create our carded car air fresheners. Our commitment to quality ensures that every product emanates a delightful and long-lasting aroma, making your surroundings truly fragrant. Our air fresheners stand out for their exceptional effectiveness, offering a quick, powerful, and enduring fragrance that will keep your car smelling delightful for an extended period.

Choose SURABHI™ Carded Car Air Fresheners and indulge in an unparalleled olfactory experience. We invite you to explore our range of fragrances and discover the enchanting scent that brings joy to your journeys.


Once upon a time in the picturesque town of Ratnagiri, nestled in the heart of Maharashtra, India, lived a woman named Geeta Joshi. Geeta was an ambitious entrepreneur, running a successful business of paper box manufacturing and printing alongside her brother. Little did she know that a simple car ride on a rainy day would change the course of her life and pave the way for a revolutionary product.

As Geeta drove through the rain-soaked streets, she couldn’t help but notice an unpleasant odor emanating from her car’s seat covers due to the moisture. Intrigued, she began to observe that this issue wasn’t unique to her vehicle alone; it affected countless cars and four-wheelers in the region. Determined to find a solution, Geeta embarked on a quest to eliminate these unwanted odors and bring freshness to every car.

Geeta experimented with various alternatives, including jar air fresheners and spray air fresheners. While they provided temporary relief, she yearned for something more convenient and hassle-free. Drawing upon her wisdom gained from paper box manufacturing, Geeta had a eureka moment—a thought emerged to create car air fresheners using paper.

Driven by her innovative spirit, Geeta set out to develop the perfect carded car air freshener. Through relentless trials and relentless dedication, she finally succeeded. With her newfound creation in hand, she decided to share her revolutionary product with the world. Thus, SURABHI™ Carded Car Air Fresheners were born.

Geeta’s passion for providing a convenient and effective solution for car odors was unstoppable. She expanded her fragrance range, carefully curating almost 40 delightful scents to suit every individual’s preference. The SURABHI™ brand swiftly gained recognition and popularity, captivating car owners all across India.